Which Color of Hi-Vis Safety Clothing Should I Wear?

Which Color of Hi-Vis Safety Clothing Should I Wear?

How Many Hi Vis Safety Clothing Colors Are There

In order for your high-visibility clothing to meet the ANSI standard 107-2020, you should choose one of three colors: yellow-green, red, or orange-red. Keep in mind that all of these colors need to be fluorescent, regardless of which one you choose. But there are also many other colors on the market like pink and rainbow Hi-Vis clothing.

Which Color of Hi-Vis Safety Clothing Should You Wear?

The ANSI and ISEA have established crucial guidelines outlining high-visibility clothing as part of the ANSI 107/ISEA 107 standard. The three approved colors of high-visibility apparel are yellow-green, orange-red, and red. Here's a more detailed breakdown of the appropriate use cases for each of these colors.

Fluorescent Yellow-Green - As per the ANSI standards, yellow-green clothing must have a luminance factor (brightness) of at least 70 percent, making it the brightest high-visibility hue. You should opt for a fluorescent yellow-green dress in the following scenarios:

Creating Contrast with Orange Barriers and Cones - When wearing high-visibility attire on the roadways, it's crucial to consider how you can best stand out to drivers who may be speeding past you. Masks in yellow-green hues are an excellent option as they offer optimal visibility while also contrasting with orange barriers and cones.

Creating Contrast When Working in Urban Environments - Subsequently, you should wear the color that contrasts the most with the surroundings. For instance, yellow-green may provide better visibility if you are working on a dark road but may blend in if you are in a natural or green background.

Fluorescent Orange-Red - Orange-red is an extremely familiar color for high-visibility gear and barriers since it usually signifies danger and caution. However, the issue with this color arises when drivers associate it with barriers, cones, and signs. You don't want to give drivers the impression that you're a barrier while subcontracting.

Fluorescent Red: Fluorescent red is a high-visibility color recently added to the ANSI lineup of colors. While it has been widely used in the European and international markets for years, its popularity is now growing within the US workforce. HiVis red provides workers with an alternative when neither fluorescent yellow nor orange is suitable. This color is often preferred at dusk or in low-light conditions as it may be easier for the eyes to perceive in lower ambient light levels. It is essential to ensure that red apparel has ample retroreflective material for optimal visibility.

Black: Surprisingly, black high-visibility apparel has seen a significant increase in usage. Although it may seem counter-intuitive to use black for visibility, it can be designed to meet the ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 standard for Type O, Class 1 guidelines. There are specific requirements for the amount of retroreflective and fluorescent material that must be combined with the black background material. It is essential to note that black high-visibility apparel is only acceptable for off-road use. However, it may be preferred by individuals who desire a more understated look, such as public safety officers or firefighters, who do not work in high-traffic environments.

Other Colors: While the ANSI standard only highlights a few select colors, the expansion of the US job market and the growing acceptance of improved visibility on the job site have led to the introduction of more Enhanced Visibility garments. Although these may not be currently recognized by the ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 standard, they are being used more frequently in industries like logistics, manufacturing, and others that have fewer struck-by hazards and instead focus on departmental identification.

Consider Reflective Straps for Dark Settings: If you primarily wear high visibility gear at nighttime or in dark settings, the color may not be as essential. Instead, it is advisable to choose items with reflective straps that will reflect light from oncoming vehicles, instantly enhancing your visibility.

Could I customize my name or company logo to the Hi-Vis Clothing?

When branding high-visibility clothing, it is recommended to use reflective logo transfers or position the branding on the contrast material whenever possible. This approach ensures that visibility is not compromised and maintains compliance with the Hi-Vis safety standards set by EN 20471 and RIS-3279-TOM.

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